Healthy Camping Recipes

Roughin’ It Lite

Healthy camping recipes brought to you by the South Dakota Departments of Health and Game, Fish, and Parks to help you enjoy the great South Dakota outdoors and live healthy.


Interesting Facts About Fruits and Vegetables

Nutrients in Fruits and Vegetables.

Native Cookbook

A Cookbook assembled by the American Indian Research & Education. An assortment of recipes that hope to re-integrate traditional recipes in our diet while stressing the importance of being strong and healthy.

Food For Life – Power Plate Resources And Recipes

The information in this booklet helps to answer the question, “What foods can I eat to get healthy, and to stay healthy?” Four food groups make up the Power Plate, a pattern of eating built around whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits, that has been shown in many scientific studies to help people who have diabetes to turn it around, or avoid it in the first place. Heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis, bowel problems and certain cancers – these same foods fight these diseases, too.

Grandmas Recipes

Purpose of Grandma’s Recipes

An Purpose of Grandma’s Recipes

An Alaska Native Traditional Food Cookbook for Assisted Living Homes

Grandma’s Recipes serves as a tool to help incorporate Alaska Native foods into assisted living homes in the urban areas of Alaska. Alaska Native Elders that live in assisted living homes have given up a lot. Some Elders had to give up everything that was familiar to them; their village, their culture, being away from family and friends not
to mention their traditional foods. With your help, we can bring back a taste of their culture.

Please help contribute to the health and well being of your Alaska Native residents, by providing them a meal from this cookbook.

A Traditional Food Book – Recipes From The REZ

Diabetes wellness through traditional foods. Wellness cookbook of recipes from the rez. 21 Various traditional food recipes to choose from.